Get More Traffic From Social Media With Agorapulse’s Link in Bio Tool

Create your customizable mini website (link in bio), add your links, and turn your followers into customers with PulseLink in Bio. Drive traffic from your profiles, measure success, and sell more online.

Make your social media content
clickable and shoppable

No more switching back-and-forth applications to manage your links. PulseLink in Bio is all you need for your links.

Build your Instagram PulseLink in Bio page

Add your logo, brand name, and description. Customize your link in bio page and button colors. Easily add any links you want your followers to click.

A view of build your Instagram PulseLink in Bio page

Automatically add your posts

Your social media posts are seamlessly added to your PulseLink page when you schedule them.

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Measure social ROI from your links

Add UTMs to your links when you schedule posts, so you can easily track and measure the performance of your links.

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Boost sales and conversions

Include your store links to your posts when publishing. Showcase them on your PulseLink in bio page, and ensure more clicks and visibility to your products.

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Why users love PulseLink in Bio

"I love that it is super-easy to add to your posts and previous posts. It is delighting our followers by giving them easy access to content and websites. Our clients love it because we can now direct them to exactly where we want them on websites. It looks absolutely stunning!"
Annelize Venter, PrimePixels
"I am thrilled that Agorapulse now offers a link in bio solution. To be able to use PulseLink in bio together with the suite that we do almost all our social work in is just fantastic."
Christian Loiborg, Radio4

Build your link in bio page today

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Frequently asked questions

What is a link in bio and why is it useful?

A "link in bio" page allows you to have a "mini website" that you can add to your bio on social media (for example, on your Instagram account). When clicking on this link, users are taken to a landing page containing multiple links and posts that look like Instagram’s account grid layout. In both cases, it's a great way for your followers to quickly access specific pages on your website or any other online resource.

Click here for a video tutorial on this feature.

Can I use my PulseLink in Bio Page anywhere other than Instagram?

Definitely. You can use your PulseLink in Bio page link on any other platform to drive traffic to your content.

Is there a limit to the number of PulseLink in Bio pages I can create?

There is no limit on the number of PulseLink in Bio pages you can create.

Can I add my published posts to my PulseLink page?

Absolutely. You can edit your already published posts in the publishing calendar to include them in your PulseLink page.

How do I measure the business impact of my links using PulseLink in Bio feature?

When scheduling your posts, add a link to your social media content and enable the link tracking feature right under the options panel. This feature will include UTM parameters to your link that will help you easily identify how your links perform in the Social Media ROI report. You can also use this feature to shorten your links with Agorapulse’s or link-shortening solutions.