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Paul Gully, Elevate Online headshot

Agorapulse has helped speed up and streamline our processes, allowing us to scale our company and take on more work. The ease of the user interface along with the features makes it easy for not only us to use but also clients when approving content and calendar planning. Any time we have made contact they have been quick to reply, and given added extra information to help. Overall we feel that they genuinely care about their clients and users.

Paul Gully, Elevate Online

Robyn Mays headshot

Robyn Mays

With Agorapulse, we’ve managed to streamline our social media processes. The reporting has allowed us to fit monthly and evaluate what we did that worked and what didn’t. We constantly adjust the time of scheduling based on Agorapulse.

Andrea Morgan headshot

Andrea Morgan

I know if something goes wrong, Agorapulse is always on hand to help us resolve the issue, not by an email ‘grab a number’ way, but to physically talk to. I feel that we are able to achieve more for our clients using this platform and I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

Michele Biaso headshot

Michele Biaso

We are super happy that we found a platform that has just about everything we need. We are able to manage our own profiles as well as our clients in just one place. The support team is super quick and has always been able to help with any questions we have had along the way.

Narissa Chan headshot

Narissa Chan

It only took a matter of hours to get 50+ clients set up within Agorapulse. After that, all staff was fully trained and up to scratch using the platform within half a week. Really, great and quite seamless transition into the new platform

Manuel Romero headshot

Manuel Romero

The reporting functions in Agorapulse have been a lifesaver. Apart from saving up to 40 minutes on each report, we have improved the communication with our clients. We finally speak the same language!

Keenan Sanders headshot

Keenan Sanders

We’ve cut down the hours we work as a team by 3 hours each day. We are no longer missing powerful interactions with customers, and we are able to answer every question and monitor who comments.

Ben Meakin, Fluid ideas headshot

With over 70 social accounts to manage across an ever-growing team, it's important that we can rely on our social media management platform for a variety of needs. The scheduling tool is the best I've ever used and with additional functions like shared calendars and custom reports, it allows us to deliver seamless management for clients. Every addition to the platform is made with agencies and their clients in mind, which as a growing team - is ideal for us.

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